Double Rainbow


What a great start to the new chapter in my life.

Last night I was pleased to see 2 other airstreams in the small campground.  One of the couples shared a bottle of their champagne and Aunt Dot’s Pretzels (oh my were they good) around the campfire to celebrate my retirement

This morning I took a walk to Sol Duc Hotsprings.  My soul was filled by all the nature around me.  My thought for the day was how water keeps moving always taking the path of least resistence.  Hmmm….

See the Places Page for more photos from Sol Duc


3 thoughts on “Double Rainbow

  1. This is Susan – I tried to leave a reply saying ‘nice start to your trip’ and found it posted under a 2011 account I didn’t even know I had. haha So now I’m here following you as ‘readingandroses4u’ so that I can make comments!


  2. So excited for you and Bob! Champagne AND a double rainbow! Yes, an auspicious start to a great adventure. 🙂


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