A Tale of 2 Dragons

Legend:  Sol Duc Hot Springs

A local Indian Legend explains how Olympic and Sol Duc Hot Springs were created:

Once there were two dragons.  One lived in the Sol Duc Valley and the other lived in the Elwha Valley.  Neither dragon knew or the other’s existence.  One day they were both out exploring the forest when they came face to face on top of the ridge separating the Elwha and Sol Duc Valleys.  Get exploded with anger as each accused the other of invading its territory.

The fight was brutal as the dragons thrashed and ripped at each other to win back their territory.  After years of fighting and clawing at each other, they grew frustrated.  Their strength was evenly matched and neither could win.  The dragons both admitted defeat and crawled back to caves back in their respective valleys and are still crying over being defeated.  The dragon’s hot tears are the source of the hot springs in Elwha and Sol Duc Valleys.

Sol Duc River

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