First Week in Review

This past week as far exceeded my expectations. Not only was the weather totally amazing, I met so many awesome fellow RVers. 2 other solo women travelers (one in an Airstream) I have already made friends I hope to see again in my travels. I assumed I would get lonely on my travels, I get misty eyed thinking of the friendships I am blessed with.

I am already leaning out some of my “stuff” I brought with me. I added outdoor steps to ease my way in and out of Bob. I learned to keep a “go bag” in the truck to handle unexpected changes in weather. I know I need to pull up much farther than I expect in order to back Bob into his spot. I repurposed the space the ice maker came in for food, and found the best place for it is outside the trailer.

I discovered I really liked having a week in one place; and I like departures and arrivals on Wednesdays when the campgrounds are empty. I was less thrilled with no internet or phone service it hampered my ability to research the history of areas, or plot out where to go next.

2 thoughts on “First Week in Review

  1. Hi it’s so amazing that your meeting so many wonderful new people. Who would of known how social you have become. Good for you. Keep writing I sue love your discovery’s both physical and mental! Hugs 🤗

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