A Little Slice of Heaven

The next best thing to a hot tub

Hi, my name is Cathie, and I am a hot tub addict. Before I sold everything and set forth on this journey, I soaked in my hot tub every night. My achy body and joints thanked me. When I came to the Sou’Wester to park, I also booked a massage AKA wellness package. With that I got a little wash tub, epsom salts, Selenite crystal (not sure what I am supposed to do with that) a sage smudge stick, face masks, clay bowl, dry brush and a washcloth. My first reaction was concern about storing stuff I am unlikely to use in my tiny airstream. However, I promptly used the tub to hold sudsy water while I tried to scrub the insects off the windshield of my truck. It did the trick. Yeah! Yesterday I over did it hiking and climbing and hence descending, I ended up with sore feet and sore swollen knees. Now for the heaven part. I filled that tub with the epsom salts and hot water, and soaked my feet. It felt like heaven. The tub and Epsom salts now have a permanent spot in Bob. Not sure what to do with the face masks and selenite crystal, but they are small and I can certainly google it.

New regular routine!

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