Sacramento River Source

Several local streams come together to form the Sacramento River, but many consider Mount Shasta Big Springs to be the headwaters. Water using from the spring outlets comes from slow pack and rainfall that fell on Mount Shasta at about 8,200 feet elevation. Age dating shows that bring water emerging here fell as precipitation on Mount Shasta more than 50 years ago! For thousands of years before time of contact, the First People of this area settled by waterways and pristine springs that provided the necessities to carry on everyday life. This spring and its pure water were revered by these original inhabitants and continue to be honored by present day Indigenous People.

“… It is lined with emerald algae and mosses, and shaded with alder, willow, and thorn bushes, which give it a fine setting. It’s waters, apparently unaffected by flood or drouth, heat or cold, fall at once into white rapids with a rush and dash, as if to escape from the darkness to begin their wild cause down the canyon to the plain.” – John Muir, Steep Trails

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