Gorge and Natural Bridge

Rogue River Part 2

Everyone loves a good magic trick, and nature seems to have figured out a way to create one- without the smoke and mirrors. Natural Bridge, a point located along the upper reaches of the Rogue River, is where the magic happens. At this point, the Rogue River disappears underground into a 250-foot lava tube, with a small amount of water escaping from the tube, forming a pool under the bridge. All of the water, slowly but surely, reappears at the surface further down the river. Unfortunately, the water was running high on the Rogue, and the natural bridge was flooded.

The Rogue River starts off with a rapid decent as it begins its 200 mile journey to the Pacific Ocean. One of the longest rivers in Oregon, the Rogue was one of the original rivers classified with a Wild and Scenic designation in 1968. The Upper Rogue, a series of rapids, cascades and waterfalls, churns through a wonderland of old growth forests, lava tubes and steep-walled canyons. 

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