From Sheep to Shawl

In 1993 I took a trip to the BWCA to write (ha-ha). I thought I had a novel to write. I didn’t write anything (that I remember) but I did get some wool from Barb Gecas the owner of Hestons Lodge. I learned how to card the wool, then spin the wool and finally dye the wool. 26 years later I finally knit that wool into a shawl. It was so peaceful sitting outside the cabin looking out over Gunflint lake while spinning behind a spinning wheel.

I didn’t realize that Hestons Lodge was just a mile and a half from where I’m currently staying. I was telling this story to Shari who runs Gunflint Pines and she said, oh, you must be talking about Barb. I was thrilled to be able to bring the shawl to Barb and showed her the finished product from the washed wool she gave me. Barb remembered me as the writer who came here for peace and quiet. And the cabin next to me was rented to someone who was learning how to play the trumpet. She has been telling that story for decades. I barely remember that, but it tickles my funny bone now.

Me in my Shawl with Barb

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