Wisconsin Dells

Growing up in the Chicago area, a popular vacation spot was the Wisconsin Dells. I was more drawn to Baraboo State Park. I had never spent time on the Wisconsin River to enjoy the dells. I rectified this yesterday, and was amazed by the beauty. Cruising through an awesome path cut by ancient glaciers. I passed under pine-crowned cliffs, navigated winding river narrows, and viewed iconic sandstone formations like Chimney Rock, Blackhawk’s Profile and Romance Cliff.

We made two shore landings: Witches Gulch is a spectacular and spooky walk through a narrow canyon carved by wind and water and filled with fern glens, shadowy passages and hidden whirlpool chambers. At Stand Rock, we walked to the base of this imposing pillar of sandstone, then watched as high above us, a trained dog made the famous leap from cliff face to Stand Rock and back again.

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