Fun on the Beach

Never did I ever think that I would have the best beach experience so far here on the shores of Lake Michigan in Highland Park, IL. The sun was out, the water aqua blue with whitecaps crashing on the beach. The water was warm. The beach was perfect for beach glass treasure hunting. I could close my eyes and imagine I was in Mexico or Hawaii. I spent 4 different days on the beach.

  • One day beach combing: beach glass, agates, and all kinds of pretty stones
  • One day swimming – I had a little interaction with the Highland Park Police – swimming is not allowed on the beach where we were. Luckily I got reprimanded after a 30 minute swim (wave jumping). I was ready to come out.
  • One day hiking along the beach and the adjacent park
  • And this last day relaxing and watching a storm blow in.

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