Friday the 13th – Harvest Moon

Not only is it Friday the 13th! – It’s the first night of Septembers Harvest full moon. Join me in my monthly ritual and fill your favorite drinking glass with a beverage of your choice and toast to living the dream, or dreaming the dream. Toast to family, friends, health, and wellness.

A full moon on Friday the 13th is an extremely rare occurrence. The last full moon visible across the U.S. on Friday the 13th was Oct. 13, 2000. The next one isn’t expected to happen again for another 30 years—on Aug. 13, 2049. The moon will also appear about 14% smaller because of its distance from Earth, which led to the September full moon’s additional nickname: “Micro Moon.”

Why does this day have such a supernatural vibe and why is there so much superstition around it? References to Friday the 13th date back to Medieval times but some believe that it was inspired by the Bible. At the Last Supper, Judas, who went onto betray Jesus to the Romans, was the 13th person at the table, potentially inspiring further fears of the number 13. Moving through to the Middle Ages, references to Friday being an unlucky day in general appear as early as the 14th century. The Canterbury Tales writer, George Chaucer wrote: “On a Friday fell all this mischance.”Then there are the Knights Templar. The Catholic military order was arrested on Friday the 13th in October 1307 by order of King Philip IV.

Harvest Moon

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