Ancestor Tour of England

I joined 29 of my cousins, all Stukely Westcott descendants, to celebrate the 400th anniversary of his marriage to Juliana Marchant (my 8th Great Grandparents) on October 5th, 1619, in the beautiful 14th century St John The Baptist church in Yeovil, UK . Our trip made the Yeovil Papers

While there we also visited St. Mary’s of Battersea where Benedict Arnold, (my 3rd Cousin 6 x removed) was buried with his wife and daughter. Benedict Arnold’s life may have ended badly but was once a patriotic war hero valued by George Washington and admired by his men.

We visited Plymouth, one of Englands original trading posts, it was the point that the Mayflower set sail on its famous voyage (including William Bradshaw the father of my 2nd great uncle). It is also where Sir Frances Drake set sail from; Juliana Marchant is the granddaughter of Captain John Marchant (my 10th great grandfather) who sailed with Drake against the Spanish Armada. I found a sign on a building pointing to another potential cousin.

From there we moved on to Exeter Cathedral, founded in 1050 by Edward the Confessor (who went on to found Westminster Abbey, London) where John de Wescote (my 20th Great Grandfather) was Canon Residentiary from 1216-1272.

Afterwards we visited the city of Bath to view the ancient thermal baths, and have afternoon tea at the Pump Room. (I can imagine Jane Austin roaming these streets and visiting the Pump Room as well.

We motored through the rolling hills of Cotswolds, bubbling brooks and quaint villages before continuing on to Stratford-Upon-Avon to visit Anne Hathaway’s cottage.

On our way back to London we stopped at Oxford for a short tour of England’s first University City. It was quite fascinating to learn about the life of the students and the 36 colleges there.

Some of the other things I was excited to see was Stonehenge and the Rosetta Stone, Big Bend, the Eye, London Bridge, the Tower of London, some of the Queen’s horsemen, and other cool exhibits at the British Museum.

All in all a very enjoyable and educational jam packed bustling trip. We covered a lot of miles, and saw the beautiful English countryside.

I am very excited to be back on the Road in Bob heading south for the winter at a much slower pace.

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