2nd 100 Days

Wow, another 100 days on the road completed. I have to admit, life on the road suits me. I can indulge my curiosity. I got to visit my sister, and Westcott cousins along the way and met up with a couple I met earlier near Crater Lake. I visited all the Great Lakes, saw Niagara Falls up close and personal, spent some time in the birthplace of women’s rights, soaked in Saratoga Springs water, learned about my ancestors on a trip to England, walked along the multiple east coast beaches, and made it south ahead of the snow. I enjoyed a slower pace this segment of my journey and look forward to continuing that in the future.

The next 100 days highlights include continuing down the east coast to Key West, visiting the Everglades NP, multiple stops along the Gulf Coast of Florida, Louisiana and Texas. A week in New Orleans. A big dose of all my favorite long legged waders (herons, cranes, ibis, spoonbills, limpkins, etc..) Meeting up with cousins again along the way.

By the Numbers

  • 3 Countries (US, Canada, England)
  • 14 States/Provinces
  • 1 Ocean, 4 Great Lakes (5 if you count Lake Champlain)
  • 21 Campsites (9 Hotel Rooms in England)
  • 6544 Miles flown
  • 6331 Miles driven
  • 2885 Miles towing Bob
  • 396 Gallons of gas
  • 15.9 Average Miles/Gallon
  • 63 Average Miles/Day
  • 144 Average miles between campsites
  • 15 Least miles between campsites
  • 237 Most miles between campsites
  • 4 Night Average and Median length of stay
  • 1 night shortest stay (2 times)
  • 10 nights longest stay (1 time)
  • 87 F – Highest temperature
  • 31 F – Lowest temperature
  • 24 Blog Posts
Doing a crossword puzzle on Myrtle Beach

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