Ocklawaha River

While camping at Welaka Lodge on St. John’s River, fellow Airstreamers Bob & Beverly kindly took me out in their boat on the Ocklawaha River. This is the Florida I have come to love in my many visits across the decades, and why I am keen to find a place to stick around long term. The water was high, so we were able to go further up river than Bob & Beverly have been in the last 8 years of coming to Welaka.

Ocklawaha River

We saw lots of turtles (I love the one sticking his legs out), and one alligator (my first of the trip)

We saw fewer birds than expected, but I got nice shots of the ones we did see: Great Blue Heron, Anhinga, Juvenile Little Blue Heron, Great White Egret

Off the Oklawaha River is Mud Springs. While we couldn’t boat there I was able to hike to it.

Mud Springs

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