Boyd’s Big Sit

One of my favorite birding approaches is what I call the Big Sit. You sit quietly for as long as you can manage and wait for the birds, and in this case, iguanas, to come to you. I was not disappointed. Let’s start with the iguanas. They are an invasive species here in the Keys and they are very photogenic. So far I have seen 1 black one, 2 orange ones and 3 young green ones. The males have a huge flap of skin on their neck (dewlap) I think they like this spot by my campsite to advertise their “maleness” to the world.

The more usual Big Sit creatures are the birds, and that delivered as well, although not all photos are great quality. This has been the “birdies” campsite so far. Even a couple of “lifers” (first time identified) for me. Clockwise from Upper Right: The 2 Lifers: Philadelphia Vireo and Zenaida Dove, a gull of some sort, marsh wren, collared dove, double crested cormorant, brown pelican, great white egret, and a weird looking domestic goose of some sort. I also saw 2 least bitterns, not pictured, right as dusk led into night. They are also lifers for me.

Oh, I almost forgot – the free range chickens that are everywhere on the island. I think they are drawn to my flamingo.

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