The Turtle Lady of South Padre

Ila Fox Loetscher is the sole founder of Sea Turtle Inc Prior to her fame as “The Turtle Lady of South Padre”, Ila was well known as a pilot. She was the first licensed female pilot in both Iowa and Illinois! She was a contemporary and frequent correspondent of Amelia Earhart as well as one of the original “99’s” (a support group of women pilots organized in 1929). By 1977, Ila was receiving so many guests into her home that she formed Sea Turtle, Inc. into the present non-profit. The all-volunteer organization assisted her in education and rehab work with the sea turtles.

My visit to Seattle Inc. filled my heart and soul. Their mission is to educate the public, rehabilitate injured turtles, and lead with conservation efforts.

They have a hospital area where they work with turtles in order to release them back to the wild. They also have a residential area for turtles that can’t be released. One of these turtles is Allison

Meet Allison

Allison The Sea Turtle with one flipper

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