Sheltering in Place on Wheels

Situation practically Normal: Certainly the COVID-19 situation has made an impact on my tour of the country. Being an introvert though, social distancing is the norm for me – although I am now more aware maintaing 6 feet between others. Sheltering in place can be done on wheels, fairly easily. My trailer is fully self-contained and comfortable. I’m either relaxing inside of it, or hanging outside in my designated site. Towing is also self contained since I am driving alone in my car. I have adapted: I wear a doggie poop bag on my hand when I pump gas, then throw it out. I eat out less often, and then of course it is only drive through or pickup. I grocery shop less frequently. I wash my hands more thoroughly.

The biggest downside for me: Some of the places I was really excited to see are closed. (National Parks, State Parks, Beaches) It is hard to find places to get some healthy hikes in. I can and do walk around the RV parks multiple times a day. I miss occasionally going to a mid week matinee (but not as much as I thought)

The upside for me: There are no social events I need to scrounge up the courage to attend. I am less likely to be hit up to do small talk which I am particularly uncomfortable with. I am getting more of my knitting projects done. I’ve cut down my future reservations, and will be staying at places longer reducing mileage. I am saving money on gas and food. I was lucky enough to find the last package of RV toilet paper at the Walmart in Silver City a few weeks ago.

I made it back to the west coast! My circuit is almost complete. It felt like coming home. There truly is nothing like the Pacific Coast.

Del Mar Beach – From Afar…

One thought on “Sheltering in Place on Wheels

  1. Hi just been thinking about you this morning and hope your still doing so well. I know it’s been hard to be separated from love ones and friends. Hope your daughter is well too. Please let me know when your back in Seattle would love to meet up with at Scott’s when they open things back up.


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