Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree

The first thing I noticed when I visited Joshua Tree was the unusual shapes of the Joshua Trees. Some reminded me of Sanskrit. This slow-growing tree was named by Mormon settlers who crossed the Mojave Desert in the mid-1800s, The tree was named after the Old Testament prophet Joshua, as its branches reminded them of Joshua raising his arms to pray.

The second thing I noticed, and which humorously haunted me for the rest of my stay in the park, was all the boulders. They reminded me of that rock monster, Gorignak, that attacked Jason Nesbit in the Movie Galaxy Quest. I kept expecting Gorignak to rise up from the stones. Frankly, I was disappointed that he didn’t. It turns out that scene from the movie was filmed in Green River, UT – Goblin Valley.

FYI – for those following my journey, this should have been posted a month ago when I was still in Desert Hot Springs.

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