Fort Carson

My first few nights in Fountain, CO around midnight loud booms woke me up and shook the Airstream. It sounded like fireworks. I wondered who would set off fireworks at midnight midweek? I asked around and it turns out I was hearing tank and arterial exercises from Fort Carson. I asked a friend and army veteran why they did their exercises at midnight? He to,d me: One of the great advantages and strengths of the American army is being able to own the night in battle. Their slogan was “We own the night”. I found comfort in that and now enjoy hearing the exercises day and night.

The history of Fort Carson began with Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Less than one month later on January 6, 1942, it was announced that Colorado Springs had been selected as the site for an army camp. On February 22, 1942, Colorado Springs newspapers reported that the installation would be named Camp Carson in honor of Brigadier General Christopher “Kit” Carson, the famous frontiersman. Camp Carson continued to grow and on August 27, 1954, it became Fort Carson. And then, in September of 1983, Fort Carson expanded by acquiring Pinon Canyon.

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