Pikes Peak Cog Railway

My timing to ride the Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway was both good and bad. Good, because after being closed since October 2017 for restoration, it opened to the public the day before my ride. Bad because our train was the only train that day that was not allowed to go to the summit due to 80 mph winds. Even though I didn’t get to the top, the views were fantastic. I tried to rebook, but the seats were all sold out. Guess I will have to come back to the area another time.

The Cog has been climbing Pikes Peak since 1891. Recognized as the world’s highest cog railroad. Taking this journey is like walking the footsteps of history. Many of the trees in this area are Bristlecone pine, some of the oldest living things on earth! It is estimated that some Bristlecone pines on Pikes Peak are over 2000 years old!

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