Americas Highest Zip Line

About to land my first zip line ride

Looking for an adrenaline kick I’d never forget, I flew through the air on America’s Highest Zip Line!!! Located at Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, near Colorado Springs, on the Cloudscraper Zip Line I soared over 1,200 feet above the roaring Arkansas River. The zip line runs parallel between the Royal Gorge Bridge and the Aerial Gondolas.

Royal Gorge Bridge

Built in 1929 specifically to attract tourists to the massive gorge, the Royal Gorge Bridge spans over 1,200 feet above the Arkansas River at the bottom of the chasm. At its peak, the deck of the bridge is suspended 956 feet above the valley floor, at one point earning the distinction of being higher than any other bridge before being knocked down to 11th place by a parade of increasingly daring Chinese spans. And while the sheer height of the bridge is enough to make someone gape, considering that it was originally built for a measly $350,000 dollars makes the historic landmark even more jaw-dropping.

One thought on “Americas Highest Zip Line

  1. Dbkleitsch@gmail. Com
    So awesome, hope this finds you well! I didn’t realize you were doing this blog! I am circling around you in recent weeks. Think I missed you in Taos by a day or two! Down in AZ for a few weeks to help with baby #2. My daughter Michelle is in school in Henderson NV so we are going to be there in the fall- maybe we can meet up one of these times around?
    Definitely going to check out the gorge next time in CO looks like fun.
    Take care-


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