Willow Falls

Willow Falls, located in Willow River State Park, about 10 miles northeast of Hudson, WI is an impressive waterfall. At least 100 feet wide, consists of several drops, the largest of which is about 15 feet high. This is a good sized river and creates an impressive display as it tumbles down on its way to meet the much larger St. Croix River.

In 1924 a dam was built here which diverted all the water from the main falls and drowned the upper drops. In 1992 the dam was removed, restoring the falls. It also restored the impressive gorge. There are still some remnants of the old dam, such as the main pipe through which the water was once diverted, but for the most part the area has been returned to its natural state.

The falls are easy to find. There are a set of trails that lead to the falls. See the park maps for details. The shortest walk to the falls is less than 1/4 mile on a paved but very steep trail down into the gorge. There is a bridge across the river just below the falls.

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