The Most Haunted Hotel in America

The 1886 Crescent Hotel sits high atop Crescent Mountain in Eureka Springs Arkansas. When built she was considered the premiere resort hotel west of the Mississippi. Now she is considered the most haunted Hotel in America.

The Crescent Hotel

She has served many different purposes across the years, the most notorious as The Baker Hospital, a Cancer Clinic owned by Norman Baker. A quack who claimed he could cure cancer without operation, radium, or x-rays. His cancer cure being nothing more than clover, corn silk, watermelon seed, and water. He convinced hundreds and made millions of dollars. He’d operate, amputate, and when it was all done, it was off to the morgue dumping the bodies into a cooler. While there is record of 40 people who died there, It’s believed more than 400 people may have died unrecorded. Some may still linger.

I took a ghost tour at the hotel led by a true story teller. I got to visit my first morgue and see for myself some of Baker’s bottles of proof. Next time in town I will stay the night in the hotel. In Michael’s Room 218 (said to be the most active room in the hotel).

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