Frozen Niagara at Mammoth Cave

Frozen Niagara

One of the easiest cave tours I have experienced. Only a 1/4 mile walk Ian’s only 6 steps climb and descend. There’s an optional 48 steps for a closer look at the Frozen Niagara.

Most of the 12 miles of Mammoth Cave open to the public are dry caves with few cave formations. Frozen Niagara, on the other hand is filled with stalactites and stalagmites formed by water dissolving the overlying limestone then re-depositing calcium carbonate along the ceilings or floors of the caves.

Access to Frozen Niagara is through the “New Entrance” owned by George Morrison Who came to South Central Kentucky in effort to find oil in 1915, and while his attempts at oil continued to fail, he changed the course of Mammoth Cave history forever. To learn more about George Morrison

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