NAS Wildwood Aviation Museum

Naval Air Station Wildwood

Following the outbreak of World War II, this all-wood double wide aircraft hangar was assembled by the U.S. Navy in 1942 from a kit delivered via railroad. On April 1, 1943, Naval Air StationWildwood was commissioned as a training facility for dive bomber squadrons that would go on to fight in the Pacific. Between 1943 and 1945, activities included night flying and target practice over the Delaware Bay, reaching a peak of almost 17,000 takeoffs and landings in the month of October 1944. Before NAS Wildwood was decommissioned, 129 crashes occurred, and 42 airmen died in training exercises.

The NAS Wildwood Aviation Museum has a wide-ranging assortment of historic aircraft and artifacts that are on display for public enjoyment and education. For many, these iconic aircraft represent the bravery of both aviation pioneers and the first military pilots. Given that the museum is located inside a World War II hangar, it is appropriate that many of our propeller aircraft share a common history.

Enigma Machine

I was particularly intrigued by the Enigma Machine. How it works is both mind boggling and fascinating.

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