Today I decided to do a little Mead (aka Honey Wine) tasting. Less than a mile away: BRIMMING HORN MEADERY is a meadery with over 20 years of crafting and perfecting their award winning meads, and features a tasting/sampling area as well as a Scandinavian-style mead hall.

Mead Sampling Flight

I set myself outside at their picnic table while tasted 10 different meads. It wasn’t long before my back started hurting. Fortunately, being a nomad, I always have a camp chair in my truck. I set it up, got comfy, and continued to enjoy my mead. 2 of them caught my attention so I went in to purchase them. They were sold in growlers that each required a $10 deposit. Unfortunately, being a nomad with a small trailer I wouldn’t be around to ever refill them, and had no good place to store them as souvenirs as suggested by the cashier. I walked away enjoying the experience, but not taking anything home with me.

Recommend highly if near Milton, DE

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