People Met

Keith & Shelli & Mully (?)

Keith and Shelli were great help with all my challenges with my campsite at Beadle Bay. They also were great commiserators with my noisy neighbors and their amplified guitar. Mully provided me with my dog fix and kept my toes clean.

Susan & Chrissy

First I met Bob (not pictured) he stopped by my site to introduce himself as a fellow airstream owner. Susan (left) is his wife. Chrissy (right), a good friend on Susan and Bob owns a High/Low. Very cool trailer, first time I saw one like it. It collapses down on itself for towing.


I was delighted to see a familiar face after 7 weeks on the road. Alex drove down from Pullman to visit and get some burgers. Alex and I go back to college days. (too many decades to count). I have been a great admirer of his photos, every time I see an old barn I think of him

Betty & Rick

I first noticed the 3 wheeled motorcycle parked in the site across mine. Then I saw Betty & Rick, on said vehicle at the local tavern. These 2 are the proud owners of a 42′ behemoth. I almost got lost inside walking through it. They also have the sweetest kitty, Jasmine, (Jassy for short). Surprisingly they live only 16 miles from where I will be staying after my trip to England. They have promised me sauerbraten. October can’t come soon enough!

Couple # 2 at Crater Lake RV Park

I met these two also at Crater Lake RV Park. These 2 are happily traveling in their 16′ Airstream

Mike, Kathy and Soba

I met the Quins at Crater Lake RV Park. Mike also retired early from a software career. They have been on the road 6 weeks. They invited me to a delightful meal complete with wine and dessert. Mike gave me too leads I may need to look into: Their truck has a bed slide that I am very envious of. I could slide out all the gear in the back of the truck instead of having to climb inside saving my poor knees. Maybe I will check that out during my stay in Chicago

Don & Claudia

I met Don and Claudia at Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort. Don restored this vintage Airstream and is starting work on his 3rd Airstream restoration. They are truly an inspiration for me and my travels. Check out their YouTube Videos they are both fun and charming. You can also check out their blog:

Don & Claudia – Short Short Trailer

Mark & Kathy (and Winston)

another Airstream Owner with a blog

Camp Hostess with the Mostest

Culinary queen of the campground. Looking forward to recipes for solo camping from her.
This is the family that adopted me and made me and my daughter a part of their family gatherings.

Dear friends holding on to a few of my cherished possessions while I travel
Favorite camping companions who adopted me and taught me all about RVing
Cousins from the Society of Stukely Westcott Descendants of America in Port Aransas Texas
A cold day at work
The infamous Sasquatch
Stukely the official mascot of the Society of Stukely Westcott Descendants of America