Full Moon Toast

It’s the first night of the full moon. Help me start a new tradition: find your favorite drinking glass, and fill it with a beverage of your choice and toast from your heart. Put all the positive intent you can out in the universe. Toast to living the dream, or dreaming the dream. Toast to family, friends, health, and wellness.

I chose this glass – while I drink I can touch the flower and think of a loved one. I can turn the glass and touch another flower and think of another and on and on. It’s a lovely way to stay connected.

Coolest 50 Yards

Oregon Coast Aquarium

I was pleasantly surprised when the sun came out, and I got to spend the morning at the Aquarium. This is one of the nation’s top 10 aquariums with indoor and outdoor exhibits. Walking paths lead to an octopus cave, viewing pools where otters, seals and sea lions swim and play, and my favorite the sea aviary (see my critters page for some close up alcid pictures). The “Passages of the Deep” takes you through an underwater acrylic tunnel surrounded on all sides by sharks, bat rays and other creatures of the deep.

Passages of the deep

Here Comes the Rain

The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the United States, but that greenery comes at a cost. It rains in the Pacific Northwest, and it rains a lot. 2 weeks rain free and above normal temperatures was a blessing. The rain is settling back in and I feel a sense of rightness. Luckily I’m not sweet enough to melt in the rain, so it doesn’t stop me. I love the smell of the rain as I walk through the forest. I love that I usually have the trails and beaches to myself when it’s raining. And if it’s raining particularly hard, I can catch up on my knitting projects. I seem to be buying yarn faster than I can knit it.

Scrappy but Charming

The Adventures of Chicken and Dumpling

The Sou’wester Lodge proudly presented “Chicken & Dumpling” the fun-loving alter-egos of Tave Fasce Drake and Nikki Jardin. Their show involved original music consisting of blues, folk, swing, and 1930s style songs, along with a handful of carefully selected covers often played on unusual and whimsical instruments. The fun times also include storytelling, games, and the occasional guest performer! What a great way to spend my last night in Seaview.

A Little Slice of Heaven

The next best thing to a hot tub

Hi, my name is Cathie, and I am a hot tub addict. Before I sold everything and set forth on this journey, I soaked in my hot tub every night. My achy body and joints thanked me. When I came to the Sou’Wester to park, I also booked a massage AKA wellness package. With that I got a little wash tub, epsom salts, Selenite crystal (not sure what I am supposed to do with that) a sage smudge stick, face masks, clay bowl, dry brush and a washcloth. My first reaction was concern about storing stuff I am unlikely to use in my tiny airstream. However, I promptly used the tub to hold sudsy water while I tried to scrub the insects off the windshield of my truck. It did the trick. Yeah! Yesterday I over did it hiking and climbing and hence descending, I ended up with sore feet and sore swollen knees. Now for the heaven part. I filled that tub with the epsom salts and hot water, and soaked my feet. It felt like heaven. The tub and Epsom salts now have a permanent spot in Bob. Not sure what to do with the face masks and selenite crystal, but they are small and I can certainly google it.

New regular routine!

Soggy, Foggy, and Windy

Cape Disappointment State Park

Cape Disappointment is dominated by a temperate, but wet climate. The weather is cool in the summer with only a few inches of rain the entire season. Fall, winter and spring however are dominated by rain, with over seven feet falling in nine months. Cape Disappointment is one of the foggiest locations in the US with over 100 days of fog every year. North Head is one of the windiest locations in the US. It can produce fierce winter storms called mid-latitude cyclones, known for hurricane force winds and can generate wind gusts exceeding 150 mph. My visit there was blessed by sun and calm winds.

Cape Disappointment earned its name when Captain John Mearesfailed to cross the river bar in 1788. The feat was accomplished in 1792 by American Captain Robert Gray The Lewis and Clark Expedition arrived at Cape Disappointment in 1805.

First Week in Review

This past week as far exceeded my expectations. Not only was the weather totally amazing, I met so many awesome fellow RVers. 2 other solo women travelers (one in an Airstream) I have already made friends I hope to see again in my travels. I assumed I would get lonely on my travels, I get misty eyed thinking of the friendships I am blessed with.

I am already leaning out some of my “stuff” I brought with me. I added outdoor steps to ease my way in and out of Bob. I learned to keep a “go bag” in the truck to handle unexpected changes in weather. I know I need to pull up much farther than I expect in order to back Bob into his spot. I repurposed the space the ice maker came in for food, and found the best place for it is outside the trailer.

I discovered I really liked having a week in one place; and I like departures and arrivals on Wednesdays when the campgrounds are empty. I was less thrilled with no internet or phone service it hampered my ability to research the history of areas, or plot out where to go next.