Lolo Hot Springs

In desperate need of a long hot soak, (it has been over 3 weeks since my last one) I took a drive out to Lolo Hot Springs. The Lolo Hot Springs was a prominent spot popular among the local Indians. The Lewis and Clark Expedition passed by and used the springs on June 29, 1806 while traveling east on their return from the mouth of the Columbia River. I loved that I sat in the same hot springs as Lewis & Clark. Seem’s I’ve been unintentionally crossing their old path on my journey.

According to Discover Lewis & Clark – Lewis Wrote: In this bath which had been prepared by the Indians by stoping the run with stone and gravel, I bathed and remained in 19 minutes, it was with dificulty I could remain thus long and it caused a profuse sweat    two other bold springs adjacent to this are much warmer, their heat being so great as to make the hand of a person smart extreemly when immerced. I think the temperature of these springs about the same as the hotest of the hot springs in Virginia. Both the men and indians amused themselves with the use of a bath this evening. I observed that the indians after remaining in the hot bath as long as they could bear it ran and plunged themselves into the creek the water of which is now as cold as ice can make it; after remaining here a few minutes they returned again to the warm bath, repeating this transision several times but always ending with the warm bath.

Special Collections, Mansfield Library, The University of Montana, Missoula

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