Green Parakeets

7 years ago, during a Wings Birding Tour led by a great tour guide, Gavin Bieber, we made a stop at a strip mall in McAllen, TX at dusk. At that time hundreds of Green Parakeets descended on a huge tree in the parking lot chattering away about their day. This week, I went back to the same spot near Dirty Al’s Bayou Grill (if you are interested in seeing for yourself). The tree lost a limb since I last saw it, and the Great Tailed Grackles now out number the Green Parakeets 10 to 1. The Grackles are just as noisy as the parakeets. I was sad to see the grackles push some of the parakeets out of the trees and onto the electrical wires, some though, stood their ground, or should I say branch as witnessed in the photos below.

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